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What Can I Expect?

St. Paul's services are developed for newcomers and veterans of our community. Whether it is your first time attending a service or you join us every Sunday, we want to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable in exploring and cultivating your relationship with God.

Guided services.

A helpful outline with written instructions that 'walk you though' our service and make it easy to follow along and join in.


A variety of engaging live music from ancient chant and classical to folk and gospel. Past musicians have included the San Francisco Boys Chorus and the Delphi Trio.

A real world connection.

Practical messages that address and provide support for the tough issues many of us face in our lives.

The ancient ritual of sharing bread and wine at table, open to all baptized Christians.

Moments of silence to help you reconnect to God and yourself.

Respecting your space.

Many people come to church hoping to meet people right away while others, at first, wish to be left alone and in quiet. We do our very best to read the signals you give and so show respect for your spiritual journey.

An open dress code.

We want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable whether it is jeans, casual clothing or a suit.